ZOpid-Interference Free 2.4 inch

ZOpid-Interference Free 2.4 inch Color Display Wireless Portable Digital Audio & Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Voice Alert (HS-MS240D)

: good screen size, can be powered with USB, zoom

: only one camera

monitor-video-zopid-24-inch-color-display-hs-ms240d1Looking for a baby safety monitor for your newborn baby or as a present for soon-to-be parents? You came to the right place. The Zopid-Interference free is the best baby monitor a parent can look for. While some people hesitate to buy because they have never heard about the company itself, parents who decide to go for the Zopid won’t regret it, and this for 2 reasons : the quality of the product itself and the incomparable quality of the customer service.


Baby safety monitors are useful devices used for parents of babies or young kids to check on them when not in the same room. It can be difficult for parents to work or do chores and no waking up the baby when in the same room. Because babies require a lot of sleep, parents are often obligated to make their babies sleep in a different room, which can often make them very nervous. Baby safety monitors will relieve parents from their worries, especially if they work well!

The ZOpid-interference free has a camera unit that can be mounted over your baby’s crib.  The baby safety monitor will send images and sounds from your baby’s room.
The Pros:
– very clear image from the  video;
– the manufacturer says that the 250 frequency-hopping sequences will minimize interference, which is true, the video itself shows no interference with other wi-fi devices;
– the sound from this best baby monitor is very clear, the device goes to sleep mode when there is no noise and wakes up at any click (the manufacturer calls it intelligent voice activity detector in order to save power);
– both the camera and the parent receiver monitor include internal rechargeable batteries;
– if needed, both the transmitter and the receiver can be powered from either from an AC adapter or from a USB (this is so cool!);
– the camera has a zoom, which is an interesting feature;
– the camera has an infrared light to see at night;
– the parents units is small, light and very portable;
– the customer service is excellent, they will respond to your emails within a few hours.
The Cons:
– this baby safety monitor has only one camera, having at least two parent units would be more useful, in case one breaks or if both parents wants to keep a baby safety monitor unit with them;
– the night infrared light is not that strong, it kinda shows a small area of the camera rather than the full area;
– the camera has to be fixed if wall mounted, which make it difficult to use in other rooms or to bring with your on vacations.

Overall, this is definitely a baby safety monitors product all parents with babies and young toddlers should buy.

Sam, reviewer for baby safety monitors

Date: Saturday, 22. August 2009 9:56
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