Best Baby Video Monitors

Baby Video Monitors for Some Peace of Mind

The Baby Safety Monitors with Video will give you peace of mind to move about while baby sleeps. Baby video monitors are great baby tools to own as they are very convenient to use, and you will find it wonderful to be able to turn on the monitor when your child will be making noises and see if he or she is awake or just rolling around. Baby video monitors allow the parents to visually check on their little one, without the risk of waking them up when they are peacefully sleeping. The Summer Infant Monitor is one of parents’ favorite brand, but there are plenty of other great models available.

Below are our picks for Baby Video Monitors.

Baby Video Monitors summer infant day night color

#1 Pick

Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Baby Video Monitors with 1.8″ screen

List Price: $179.99 Price: save up to 24%

: Good quality/price, multicamera, clear image

: Possible video interference if same model used in nearby apartment/condo, screen a little bit small

Baby Video Monitors  summer infant complete coverage color

#2 Pick

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7″ screen

List Price: $299.99

: two monitors, TV output

: no zoom, possible interference

Baby Video Monitors zopid ms240d1

#3 Pick

ZOpid-Interference Free 2.4 inch Color Display Wireless Portable Digital Audio & Video Baby Monitor w/ Night Vision & Voice Alert (HS-MS240D)

List Price: $249.99

: good screen size, can be powered with USB, zoom

: only one camera

Baby Safety Monitors offer you a wide range of baby monitors, Baby Video Monitors.

Date: Monday, 3. January 2011 8:00
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