Baby safety monitors : four tips

First time parents or not, the use of a baby safety monitor can relieve parents of many stress involved with leaving baby in a different room. Baby safety monitors are usually listening devices used to hear what is going on in baby’s room. With today’s technology, many models now come with video capabilities. Therefore the use of baby safety monitors will ease your journey as a parent by giving you an “extra pair of ears” or an extra “pair of eyes” to check on your little one.

With all the brands on the market, finding the right baby safety monitor can be difficult. Many parents also hesitate between going audio or video. Here are a few tips to choosing the best baby safety monitor.

First, when shopping for a baby safety monitor, you should remain in your comfort zone. Choose a device that is easy to use. Purchase a user-friendly gadget, to avoid making mistakes when setting up your monitor. Remember, a baby safety monitor badly set is like no safety monitor at all.

Second, choose a light device, that comes with a carry-on belt on necklace, so you can keep an eye or ear on baby anywhere from the house.

Third, going video or audio? Look into your budget. Baby audio monitors are usually much cheaper than baby video monitors, and do the job just as well. However, some parents are more comfortable viewing their baby. Those parents might want to consider baby video monitors. Also, some monitors also come with a handy movement sensor you can install in the crib.

Fourth, test your new monitor right away. Find out if the video or the audio is working properly. Can you hear your baby well when there is a little bit of noise around you (not vacuum). Is there any interference? Is there a low battery alert? Is it easy to move the receptor around with you in the house?

When purchasing a baby safety monitor, it is important to not go for the price only. Your monitor will help you monitor your baby’s health and take off some worries off your shoulders. Baby monitors can cost anywhere between 30$-200$, depending of all the features you are looking into.

Keep you children safe with baby safety monitors.

Date: Wednesday, 6. May 2009 2:05
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