Summer Infant Video Monitor – Complete coverage

Summer Infant Video Monitor Complete Coverage

Summer Infant Video Monitor, the best baby monitor

A Summer Infant Video Monitor is different from any other baby safety monitors in the market and is worth its weight in gold. Those baby safety monitors have a unique look, have a camera that has a tilt feature and a unique swivel designed to accommodate multiple angles. Summer Infant has an excellent customer service and stands behind its products, which is the reason many parents go back to Summer Infant when they need to replace their outdated baby safety monitors.

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7 LCD Screen and 1 8 Handheld UnitThis Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7″ LCD Screen and 1.8″ Handheld Unit is the favorite of many parents. The newest product from Summer infant provides an excellent range. The large 7 inches LCD screen offers a crisp and clear image of baby at all time. The audio/video image and sound of baby will indicate parents whether immediate attention is needed or not.   Price: $298.84 Read More


: two monitors, TV output

: no zoom, possible interference


  • Extremely portable
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent sound sensitivity (catch very soft noises)
  • Sounds very clear
  • Excellent LCD screen size for a clear image of baby

Could be better

  • Can have some mild interference (with some cordless phone brands per instance)
  • Video image can sometimes a little bit grainy
  • Some parents may find the handheld device screen too small, making it very difficult to see details

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summer infant video monitor

Date: Friday, 21. August 2009 10:37
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