Summer Infant Monitor – Our Picks

Summer Infant Monitor, a name you can trust

Summer Infant is a leader in infant and toddlers products. They offer a wide range of baby video monitors and baby audio monitors.

Summer Infant Monitor- Our 5 picks

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5 screen

The Summer Infant Monitor Best View Handheld with 2.5″ Screen Color Video . PARENTS #1 CHOICE.

This Summer Infant baby product is a very popular video monitor that allows you to see and hear your baby at any time of the day, whether it is daytime or nighttime. This Summer Infant monitor features a lightweight parental monitor with a 2.5 inch screen and black and white night vision you can carry with you, for maximal convenience. This Summer Infant monitor has none to very little static and will become one of your best investment for baby.

Complete Coverage™ Color Video Monitor SetThe Complete Coverage™ Color Video Monitor Set with 7″ LCD Screen and 1.8″ Handheld Unit is ideal for parents who are looking for a baby video monitor that follows today’s trends. This Summer Infant monitor features a dual video monitor, for more convenience, so both parents can see and hear baby while doing their chores. This Summer Infant monitor is unique and differs from anything you will find on the market. Its trendy look, the tilt feature and a smartly designed swivel for multiple angles will make this baby safety monitor your best baby device to date.

Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8 ScreenSummer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8″ Screen The most affordable one of the video monitor collection from Summer Infant. The Summer Infant Handheld Color with 1.8 inch screen video monitor is ideal for parents who are thinking portable, light, portable, and portable. With no doubt, this Summer Infant product is easy to carry around, but yet, offers the color video that so many parents are looking for. The 1.8″ video screen will accompany you everywhere, day and night. This Summer Infant product also includes a LED sound lights that allows you to view your baby’s level of activity even when  the screen is turned off!

SecureSleep™ Audio Baby MonitorThe SecureSleep™ Audio Baby Monitor. Simply looking for an audio baby monitor? This is a great Summer Infant monitor and allow parents to listen to their little ones at all time to make sure they are doing well, during naps or at bedtime. The Summer Infant SecureSleep™ Audio Baby Monitor cool features include the audio monitor, but also a temperature sensor and a soft glow nightlight! More, the soft glow nightlight will change color if the room becomes too cold or too hot! Another great thing is the parent unit has a rechargeable battery, so it comes with a charger. You can also have the parental unit plugged in wherever you are, or can carry it with you and the parental unit features a very convenient clip on the back as well.

Secure Sounds™ 2.4 GHz Digital MonitorLast from this list, but not least, the Secure Sounds™ 2.4 GHz Digital Monitor. This Summer Infant monitor is a great purchase. This baby safety monitor will add safety for your baby and with the 2.4 GHz digital technology, you will have no interference, providing even more safety The digital technology simply selects a free and secure channel so you only hear your baby. This Summer Infant monitor allows parents to listen to their baby from up to 600 feet, while you are busy cooking, gardening or fixing the car. Volume control, sound lights, out-of-range indicator, convenient belt clip, rechargeable battery and a charging base are all features of this baby safety monitor.

Baby Safety Monitors offers plenty of information about baby monitors, such as the Summer Infant Monitor.

Date: Wednesday, 3. February 2010 16:50
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