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Philips Avent Digital Screen Baby Monitor with DECT Technology


After several years of use of our safety video monitor, we felt that for our third child, we needed to upgrade to a new baby safety monitor. So after some research online, and reading several customer reviers, we decided to opt for this Philips baby monitor. Since with its we have tried 3 baby safety monitors, this is our review… Price: $149.99 Read more



We totally like the Philips baby monitor and its look. It has a fancy look to it, and the part that goes in the baby or the toddler bedroom has a triangle shape. One of the great feature is that it comes with a nightlight built in and (awesome!) plays several different tunes, which we thought was wonderful. Our one year old princess loves it and ask for her tunes every night. The transmitter of the Phillips baby monitor fits nicely on any furniture, desk, dresser, table, chair, as it is smartly designed.

The parental unit of the Philips baby monitor is very easy to carry. You can choose to use the belt clip/necklace or not. We choose not, just because the parents unit is so light and portable. There are two models of Phillips baby monitor, one with a screen, the other without. We purchased the more advanced model with the screen. The screen display is easy to read and shows the temperature in the baby or toddler’s room. An indicator will tell you whether the sound is on or not, and alert you if the Philips baby monitor is low on battery.

Overall, myself, my wife and even grandma were all able to easily follow the instructions to operate the Phillips baby safety monitor. Yet, I did find this Philips baby monitor quite sophisticated, but was able to find my way with only quick glance through the manual book.

According to Philips, the DECT technology of the Phillips baby monitor is made so there should not be any interference with other common devices. I tested it and found absolutely no interference around the microwave, the wireless phone, and the another baby safety monitor, which I really am happy about. Our old baby safety monitor, uses to have some static when the microwave was on or when my teenage daughter was talking on the cordless phone. You can imagine our stress and annoyance then.

The sensitivity of this baby safety monitor is another great feature. When I first tested the Philips baby monitor, I noticed that the parental unit would just go silent at times, even when the fan was on. So I put some low music on and asked my wife to whistle and gently clap her fingers. Amazingly, I could not hear the background music at all, but could clearly distinguish the whistling and the clapping. This shows the power of the sensitivity of the Phillips baby monitor.

Long review, short answer: my wife and myself highly recommend this monitor. No interference (at least for us), amazing sensitivity, great design. The Philips baby monitor is a great baby safety monitor.

Simon, happy daddy and reviewer for Baby SafetyMonitors

Date: Saturday, 5. September 2009 15:31
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