Philips Avent Digital Screen Baby Monitor with DECT Technology


: Zero interference, parental unit light and easy to carry around, temperature sensor

: Pricey


For our first child, of all the baby safety monitors, I originally decided to purchase the Graco Ultra Clear II 49mhz Baby safety Monitor. It was a nice little device at a very reasonable price that allowed us to listen to our baby from other rooms, allowing us to come and check on our little one when he was crying or having nightmares. However, I felt that, although it was working fine, it did tend to have interference with other electronic devices in our small condo. My wife’s friend who was using the Philips Avent Digital Screen Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology thought very high of it. This is why we decided to purchase the Philips Avent Digital Screen Baby Monitor with DECT Technology and to give it a try.

I think that Philips Avent Digital Screen baby safety monitors is an excellent baby safety monitor so far. I love the transmitter, the part that goes in baby’s bedroom. It has a fun shape (almost like a triangle) and comes with a nightlight built-in. Moreover, the transmitter can also play different songs (awesome!) which volume can be controlled. It is not too big, so fits well pretty much everywhere in the room, whether it is by the crib or a on piece of furniture.

As for the Philips Avent Digital Screen baby safety monitors’ receiver or the nursery unit, the part that stays with the parent, it is small and very portable. However, I did not care too much for the necklace/belt clip that was included in the package. Using this best baby monitor itself is very easy as well as the device is so user friendly. It is very intuitive. My wife and myself thought that this best baby monitor’ screen display was very user friendly and easy to read. It displays very useful information, such as the temperature in the baby’s room, the battery life remaining, connection between the transmitter and the receiver and whether the sound is on or not.

I first wondered why there was a temperature sensor on the baby safety monitor. But when summer came, I was more than happy to actually have a temperature sensor. With the head and the air con, the room temperature can quickly fluctuate. Having this temperature sensor would allow us to quickly react if the room was getting to warm or too cold and as we know, babies are much more sensitive to extreme temperatures than us adults.

The big innovation about this device is the “DECT technology (stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication)” in baby sarfety monitors,. According to Philips, this technology has the ability to give you crystal-clear sound, without interruptions. It is possible to adjust the sensors of the baby safety monitor. And Philips pretty much guarantees zero interference from other devices. As a matter of fact, I have tested the best baby monitor around other electronic gadgets (cordless phones, other baby safety monitors and a microwave) and the sound remained crystal-clear, just as Philips guaranteed.

I was really impressed with the fact that the sensitivity of this baby safety monitor could actually be adjusted. As a matter of fact, it was possible to almost completely remove the background noise and still have the best baby monitor work 100% well. I mean by background noise that comes from the fan, an open window, etc. While it was possible to eliminate that noise, any other sound, any little click, any cry would be perceive extremely clearly. While with other baby safety monitors, it is impossible to get rid of that “ssshhhh” background noise, the Philips baby safety monitor excelled in that field. Moreover, this features also allows the light from the parents receiver to light or not. When there is sound, a light lights up on the parents receiver, which can be annoying at night. But with this adjustable sensitivity and the ability of totally removing the background noise, the light really lights up when needed, which mean when baby makes a noise or cries.

In the end, my wife and myself were more than satisfied with this Philips best baby monitor. We were glad that a friend recommended the baby safety monitor to us and would like to recommend it to other parents. Everything about this baby safety monitor is great, and we foresee many more hours of good usage of this device. Happy shopping!

John, reviewer for Baby Safety Monitors

Date: Thursday, 20. August 2009 23:04
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