Learn About Baby Safety Monitors

What you should know about baby safety monitors

As much as we love baby, parents can’t be with their children at all time. Not having their baby or young kid at sight can be very stressful for any parents. This is why Baby Safety Monitors are so popular in families around the world with babies and young children. Baby safety monitors act as a “second pair of eyes” and ears and help parents watch over their kids and babies while they are in a different room.

Baby Safety Monitors in 2 Steps

Baby Safety Monitors : the device

Their are two major components to baby safety monitors, one being the transmitter and the other being the receiver. The transmitter component goes in baby’s room and the receiver component, of course, goes in the other room near you. By using a baby safety monitor, you will know at all time whether baby is crying or unhappy.

Best Baby Monitors : features

What should you look for when purchasing your first baby safety monitor? Here are a few things to keep in mind – size, double receivers, low power alerts, audio noise alerts, 2.4 GHz interference.

Size. Avoid too big and clunky, but also too small. Preferably, choose fairly light baby safety monitors, as you may want to carry the receiver around with you in the house. If you prefer baby video monitors to baby audio monitors, keep in mind that the smaller the receiver is, the more difficult it will be to view the screen. On the other hand, it could be a hassle to carry big baby safety monitors with you all day long, although you will receive a crisper and more detailed image. Bigger baby video monitors also often come with an interesting fun feature: they often offer Video Output, which can be used to record baby.

Double receivers. Two parents, two baby safety monitors. The second baby monitor can also be kept in a second room, to avoid you carrying your monitor receiver all the time (for example: if you are washing the windows, you may want to keep one in the living room and one in the bedroom). Your second receiver can also serve as a backup receiver, in the case where you lose or break the first receiver.

Low battery alerts. Low battery alerts are extremely important features of baby safety monitors. A best baby monitor with no battery is obviously of no use. Having a low battery alert will remind you to plug in your monitor. Remember that it is better to keep your monitor plugged in as often as possible, to avoid problems (i.e. the monitor shutting down for low batteries when you are in the washrooms…)

Audio noise alerts. A useful feature of baby safety monitors that alerts you if you are making too much noise and blocking the sound emitted from the receiver.

2.4 GHz digital. Because of all the wireless electronics surrounding us, the 2.4GHz frequency is the most efficient way of transmission for baby safety monitors video. Make sure that you do not have a 2.4GHz (such as some cordless home phone), as it can create an interference with the baby video monitor.

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Keep you children safe with baby safety monitors.

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