Is baby’s room safe

You kid’s bedroom have to follow some norms and rules in order to be the cozy and safe nest your want it to be, where you children will be able to grow safely. These are a few tips.

Choosing the right crib
The frame of a crib is more than a fun decorative frame, it has to respond to very strict regulations before being brought to the market. Cribs that do not meet one of the requirements are banned and considered hazardous. For example, to be within allowed regulations, the crib must have slats that are not more than 2 2/3 inches apart (2.5 inches with the wedge test) or not allow a rectangular block of 2 ½ inches by 3 ¼ inches by 3 ¼ inches inserted in any position to pass in the case of contoured or irregular slats. Regulations were created to avoid the risks of the baby’s head or limbs to get stuck between the slats or other parts of the crib. For maximal security, it is highly recommended to buy a new crib than to use a second hand crib frame, as they may not pass new security norms, or may have been recalled for various problems. You can find more information about baby cribs at

Tip #1. If you feel like repainting a crib or a frame, think about using ecological and possible organic paint, because baby may feel the need to bite the slats of the crib frame.

Look out for electrical sources
As soon as baby will start crawling around, we bet that the first thing they will do is touch anything that mom and dad don’t want them to play with. This is why it is important to remember to block any electrical outlets and to hide any wires that are easily accessible.

Tip #2. You will find many fun and good looking electrical covers and electrical wire concealers that will match your house or baby’s bedroom!

Your favorite furniture : a potential source of hazards
Babies are curious and unfortunately, very brave. They will climb the highest furniture : the couch, the sofa, the small dresser, the shelfs of… You get what we mean. To prevent accidental injuries and unecessary worries, use safety brackets to secure your furniture to the wall. Use edge and corner guards for your furniture and any edge that could potentially be dangerous for your little one. Also think about removing the keys from the locks!

Try to purchase furniture for your baby or kids. This will help baby develop their own autonomy. For example, look for a small table where baby will be able to sit at and draw and colour. This will also reduce their temptation to use the big tables.

Tip #3. There is a wide variety of safety tools and kits just for babies. Buying a package will ensure you that you have all the importance safety baby stuff.

Make clean up something fun
Your little one will find out quickly how to make their clean bedroom into a real warzone. A messy bedroom is an environment full of hazards, such as tripping over a toy or slipping on a sheet of paper. It is never too early to teach your kid to clean up after they are done cleaning. Kids can learn how to put their stuff away as early as 30 months. Buy him or her a little box on wheels, that they will be able to push around to clean up. At that age, your little one can make the difference between what goes where. Present them their new responsibility as something fun. Plus, they will be more than happy to be regarded as a grown up.

Date: Thursday, 29. April 2010 19:10
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