Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Deluxe with Sound Monitor

Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor

Price: $139.99

: Includes mattress sensor pad to monitor baby’s movement at all time, digital color screen

: False alarms possible, heavy on the go

One of the best baby monitor of all baby safety monitors

Being a parent is not easy. Being the parent of a newborn baby is even more difficult. Because they can’t communicate with us, parents are always worried for the well-being of their little one. Especially when the baby is not sleeping in the same room as the parents. This is why baby safety monitors are a must when being the parent of a baby or young kid. And many will tell you, the cream of the crop is the Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Deluxe with Sound Monitor. Some parents do not hesitate to call it the best baby monitor!

Baby safety monitors are excellent devices to own as parents. It allows parents to keep an eye on baby, because your baby may need you, even when she is not crying. The beauty of the Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Deluxe with Sound Monitor is that is integrates a movement sensor with a sound monitor, allowing mom or dad to detect any movement from baby, even the slightest. This best baby monitor includes an alarm that will alert the parents to check on their baby if the baby hasn’t moved for more than 20 seconds. When baby emits a sound, it is transmitted to the other end of the best baby monitor, to the parents receiver. When the baby moves, a light will indicate the parents that a movement has been detected. With so much technology on hand, many parents feel more secure and feel that they can have a peace of mind. Using baby safety monitors, and especially the best baby monitor, allow them to relax and work on other occupations

The movement detector consists of a sensor pad that is slipped under the mattress. If the sensor does not detect any movement for over 20 seconds, it will send a signal to the parents’ “nursery unit” and alert them to go check on baby. This best baby monitor comes with 2 parent units, which allow more flexibility.

If you are thinking of a gift for a new baby, think baby safety monitors. When you think baby safety monitors, think best baby monitor with Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Deluxe with Sound Monitor. Most parents know only about the audio or the video monitor, and will be more than please to discover the movement sensor from Graco.

The Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Deluxe with Sound Monitor is top in baby safety monitors, and the movement sensor is a great innovation. With this best baby monitor, there is no doubt mom and dad will be at ease doing their chores around the house while baby is sleeping in its own room, far from the noise.

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Date: Thursday, 20. August 2009 18:07
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