Fisher Price Monitor with Dual Receivers

Features of the Fisher Price Monitor with Dual Receivers:

Fisher price monitor with dual receiversThe Fisher Price Monitor with Dual Receivers is a favorite among parents of babies and children. Because they know the Fisher Price name, many parents feel comfortable buying those baby monitors. The Fisher Price monitor with dual receivers has two 900 MHz monitors. Those baby safety monitors allow both parents to listen to their baby from anywhere in the house or around the house (garden, garage, etc). It will make your life easier because you will be able to work and sleep while keeping an ear on your precious one. The Fisher Price monitor with dual receivers includes 10 channels, which means an increase of privacy of the connection, but also means less interference. The LCD screen shows several important elements, such as the volume of the receiver, what channels your are on, the strenght of the transmission and how much battery there is left. To add convenience, the device also uses rechargeable batteries. Price: $67.99 Read More


Review – Great baby safety monitors

These baby safety monitors work wonderfully.

They are easy to use and because of the multi-channel feature, I never had any interference with my other cordless devices. It does pick up some static when we use the microwave, but it’s not horrible. A big plus about this baby safety monitor is that the receiver works beautifully outside of the house, when I am gardening or my husband is working  in the separate garage! And if you happen to lose connection, a warning will immediately alert you. If found that the batteries last me a long time and if needed, you can simply plug your Fisher Price monitor, which add a lot of convenience.

One only thing I noticed with this Fisher Price monitor was that whenever I used the microwave, there was a little bit of static, but I can still hear my baby through the static. The other thing I noticed on the Fisher Price monitor (which may look trivial to you) is that the channel button is so big and take up so much space on the monitor. I find it oddly placed and would have rather designed it to have the volume button there. But this may be a personal preference and engineers who designed the Fisher Price monitor may know better!

Overall, I think that the Fisher Price Monitor is a great baby safety monitor, and I enjoy using it. It takes off some anxiety off me and allow me to monitor my boy without having to physically check on him every 15 min (no comments…) and waking him up from his sleep each time. I still go check on my baby every hour or so, but at least, in between, I have the reassurance that if he was unhappy about something, I would immediatly know with my Fisher Price Monitor.

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Date: Saturday, 5. September 2009 7:27
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