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Angelcare Baby Monitor, A Complete Device

Sunday, 5. September 2010 12:52

The Angelcare Baby Monitor – a complete model

SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is the worry of many parents. To reduce the risk of SIDS, there are precautions parents can do, like making sure that baby is not sleeping on its tummy. However, knowing that it is possible to also have something else to help you keep an eye on their angel 24hours/7days can be very comforting for many parents.

The Angelcare Baby Monitor combines the best of baby safety monitors and baby breathing monitors

Angelcare Baby MonitorThis is why the Angelcare baby monitor is so popular among the parents of infants. The Angelcare baby monitor act as a baby safety monitor and a baby breathing monitor. These baby safety monitors include audio monitors, that allow parents to listen to their little one, and sensor pads that will detect any movement coming from the baby, including baby’s breathing. The two-in-one feature is a real bonus and allow parents to have some peace of mind and even have better hours of sleep.


Great Audio Monitor

The baby audio monitor is a convenient device that allows the parents to listen to their little one when they are not in the same room or area. The Angelcare baby monitor comes with two receivers, to be used as the parents or caregivers convenience. Both the nursery and the parents units automatically converts to battery power in case of power failure includes and have a low battery indicator. A sound lights let the parent know that the sound feature is on and working.

Great Breathing Monitor

The baby breathing monitor consists of a sensor pad that is set under the crib mattress. The Angelcare baby monitor will then record any micro-movement coming from the mattress, including the breathing of the baby. If for 20 seconds or more, the sensor is unable to sense any movement, or the movement becomes too shallow, the Angelcare baby monitor will send an alarm to the nursery unit with will immediately alert to the parents receiver, and a sound alarm will notify anybody nearby that the baby needs immediate assistance.

The Angelcare baby monitor is a great innovation.

Using an Angelcare baby monitor, parents are then able to do chores around the house, and have a good night of sleep soundly at night because they worry less about how their babies are doing and even save your baby’s life!

Cody, happy user of an Angel care baby monitor, and reviewer for baby safety monitors.

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