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Fisher Price Baby Monitors – great customer service, so so monitors

Wednesday, 5. January 2011 17:00

Fisher Price Baby Monitors – Products & Reviews

Looking for a baby monitor? There are many brands and models available on the market. When it comes to baby and infant stuff, one name that comes in mind is Fisher Price. But how good are Fisher Price Baby Monitors? Let’s find out.

Fisher Price Baby Monitors, great toys, great customer service, so so monitors!

Because of the brand name (Fisher Price), many parents feel like they can trust those monitors. Fisher Price is certainly a leader in babies and kids toys. However, it sounds like Fisher Price could use some advices when it comes to baby safety monitors. There are several models of Fisher Price baby monitors, and we are giving you a short review of the most popular (or unpopular ones!). Read further to find out what parents thought about the Fisher Price baby monitors.

Fisher Price Baby Monitors Remote Control Musical Monitor Color Digital Video SystemFisher Price Baby Monitors with Remote Control Musical Monitor Color Digital Video System. : Meh…

These baby safety monitors are fun and good looking, that is no doubt about it… Probably one of the coolest looking monitor for baby. However, although very cute, the Remote Control Musical Monitor has certainly not won the heart of the parents who tested it. Fisher Price safety monitor includes a remote musical control musical monitor that will help you soothe your baby, and with a click from the parental unit, you will be able to remotely activate the musical system without even going into the nursery! The baby monitor includes a digital technology supposed to help reduce interference, a sound lights, a 2.4-inch LCD screen and night vision to see baby at any time of the night that lets you see baby anytime. However, this monitor has one big flaw, it does not hold the charge. While it makes a remarkable audio and video monitor, the battery does last and you may need to keep it plugged in at all time. Considering the high cost of the monitor, many parents find this problem quite disappointing.

Fisher Price Baby Monitors Sounds 'n Lights Monitor with dual receiversFisher Price Baby Monitors – Sounds ‘n Lights Monitor with dual receivers.

More disappointment. Pro: more than affordable! Cons: many parents have found themselves unable to use this product due to static interference. This baby safety monitor from Fisher Price was nicely designed for you to hear baby at all time of the day, or night and includes two receivers, for more convenience, so you and your hubby can monitor baby from different parts of the house, and this, up to 400 feet for a crystal clear connection! And if you are planning on doing some vacuuming, the sound-activated light on both sides of each receiver will allow you to know when baby needs assistance, even when you can’t hear the parental unit! A built-in nightlight on the nursery unit will help you have a better look at baby when you’re peeking into the nursery. A great product, when it works…

Fisher Price Baby Monitors Private Connection™ Monitor with dual receiversPrivate Connection™ Monitor with dual receivers.

These Fisher Price Baby Monitors are decent products with an amazing customer service. These Fisher Price baby monitors have 10 channels, which will help reduce the chance that someone else in the neighborhood picks up your transmission. Similarly to the Sounds ‘n Lights, this baby safety monitor from Fisher Price features sound lights on both sides of the parental unit, so you can see baby’s activity even in noisy areas. The 900 MHz technology will give you a great range for a crystal-clear connection, and this, up to 800 feet! Some parents have found some batteries issues, but overall, parents are happy with the product, and like always, Fisher Price customer service does not disappoint.

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