Best baby monitors

Best baby monitor

When it comes to children safety, parents always want the best. However, choosing the best is not always easy, especially for baby safety monitors. When choosing the best baby monitor, parents have to look at the specs of the baby monitors in function of their criteria. Unlike a frame or wallpaper, the best baby monitor is not chosen to match the look of the bedroom, but to serve a purpose : children’s safety.

Let’s determine what criteria are essential for baby safety (making them the best baby monitors), and what is secondary and are there for parental convenience only (making them YOUR best baby monitor).

The ultimate function of a baby safety monitors is to monitor babies and young children, from a distance. There are two common problems with baby safety monitors: accidental eavesdropping and static interference. Let’s see what this means.

Eavesdropping: Have you ever used a wireless phone and while you were talking to your mom (or best friend, or sister…) your wireless phone accidentally entered the conversation of your neighbors? Probably. Well many of the baby safety monitors are not immune to this problem as they often use similar radio wavelength as wireless phones.

Static interference. It is the unwanted radio frequency signal that prevents you from watching television, listening to your radio or stereo, or talking on your cordless telephone. Interference may prevent reception altogether, may cause only a temporary loss of a signal, or may affect the quality of the sound or picture produced by your equipment. Unfortunately, many baby safety monitors are also affected by static interference, which can sometimes make some baby safety monitors brands unusable in some houses.

Best baby monitors are baby safety monitors that have the quality of minimizing these problems, so are safer for your children.

Then, the best baby monitor for you is the one that have all the less necessary but still important features you like: video screen, vibrating mode, low power signal, two parents receptors, baby movement sensor, etc. Baby safety monitors come in a range of brands, which all have their strengths and different features.

There are many quality brands of baby safety monitors, but you best baby monitor may depend on a feature that is very important to you. What you like may therefore make you choose a brand or a model over another one, even though both models are similar in terms of quality.

Finally, remember that the more features you want out of your best baby monitor, the more expensive it will be. While the excellent best baby monitor from Graco Ultra Clear II 49mhz Baby monitor cost only $36.99, the best baby monitor from Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7” LCD Screen and 1.8” Handheld Unit will cost you almost $300. However, the features of the best baby monitor from Graco Ultra are very minimal compared to the features found in the best baby monitor from Summer Infant. The Graco one only sends sounds to the two other handheld devices while the Summer Infant best baby monitor offers a full colored LCD 7 inches screen and a handheld device with a color video screen too.

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Date: Tuesday, 2. February 2010 10:00
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