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What makes a monitor the best baby monitor?

Tip: Your best baby monitor is not necessarily your friend’s top choice.

With the numerous baby safety monitors on the market, it can be a tough choice to decide which one are the best baby monitors. Ultimately, what makes a baby safety monitor the best baby monitor is the one that will allow you to keep a close eye on baby while relieving your off your worries. Keep one thing in mind : the best baby monitor is the one that will fit not only your lifestyle by also the type of house you live in.

You need to answer those few questions before deciding what are the best baby monitors for you to pick.

1) What type of house do you live in? e.g. Do you live in a condo in an apartment, in a cottage, in a townhouse?
Why: If you live in an apartment, a condo or a townhouse, you have to remember that if your neighbors also have children, they may also use baby safety monitors that using the same channels. So make sure that you ask your neighbour what type of baby safety monitor they are using, and test your best baby monitor right away after purchase to make sure that what you are hearing is your baby and not the neighbours.

2) What level of comfort do you have not seeing your baby through a camera?
Why: The basic baby safety monitors are made to let you hear what’s going on in baby’s room. With today’s more advanced technology, we now have baby video monitors that will allow you to watch your baby on the camera. More advanced baby safety monitors will even monitor the breathing of your little one, its movements and the room temperature. Remember that a sound, video or movement sensor baby safety monitor is not enough, and that you should also check your baby personnaly for more safety every.

3) What type of gadgets do you have in the house? Do you have other cordless gadgets?
Why: Remember that some gadgets, such as cordless phones, may create interference with your best baby monitor. Find out if you have gadgets that could interfere with your best baby monitor. If you need to, there are baby safety monitors that also use a no-interference technology.

4) Do you tend to move a lot in the house?
Why: If you are the type to move around a lot in the house, look for a baby monitor receiver that is easy to carry around. Make sure that your best baby monitor comes with a belt clip or any sort of attachment method that is sturdy enough to tough through daily use. You will also need to make sure that your baby safety monitor receiver has a battery life long enough so you will not have to recharge it constantly.

5) How many people are going to use the best baby monitor? Is it going to be only you, or you and your spouse/partner?
Why: Some baby safety monitors come with one receivers while some come with two receivers. However, if you are looking in having more than two receivers, your will have far fewer choices of baby safety monitors.

6) Would you like your best baby monitor to have other functions?
Why: Just some fun add-ons. For example, more advance baby safety monitors also come with an output that can be plugged in into another device so you can record baby’s magic moments.

7) What is your budget?
Why: Remember that the basic best baby monitor (sound only) will be much cheaper than a baby safety video monitor, or a monitor equipped with a movement sensor and temperature monitoring. Good basic baby safety monitors will start at $20 while more advanced baby safety monitors can cost you over $150.

Picture by peasap on flickr

Picture by peasap on flickr

Keep a safe eye on your baby with the best baby monitor.

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