Baby Safety Monitors – Which One Should I Choose?

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Here are 5 great bestselling baby safety monitors parents highly recommend.

Baby Safety Monitors Summer Infant Best View
1. Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5
2. Philips Avent Digital Screen Baby Monitor with DECT Technology
3. Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor
4. Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Delux Plus, Blue
5. Levana BABYVIEW20 Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night Light Lullaby Camera

A question about baby safety monitors

Being a soon-to-be mom, I have been shopping for baby stuff. I yet have to find the baby safety monitor. I recently read about the Angelcare baby monitor, that not only can transmit the sounds from the bedroom, but can even detect movements, which is great for parents who are worried about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrom). But having discussed this with my husband and some female colleagues at work, my hubby and myself started wondering whether it was really that necessary to get sophisticated baby safety monitors, or if more traditional baby safety monitors with only a sound transmitter could do the job just fine.

Obviously, I want what’s best safety monitors for my little one, but I don’t want the infant monitor to make me into an overworried mom…

This is why I seek you advices and some suggestions regarding baby safety monitors.

Thank you in advance, Mimi.

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Hi Mimi!

The purchase of a baby monitor will allow you to keep a close eye (or ear) or your little one, from any other room of the house, while working on other projects, hence giving the parents some peace of mind.

The overwhelming choice of baby safety monitors

Over the last couple of years, baby safety monitors have become more and more sophisticated. While all this technology is a plus for some parents, other parents find that the overuse of technology is just making them go nuts.

Therefore choosing a baby monitor will largely depend on your personality and level of stress.

Remember that sometimes having too much information is just as bad as having too little information. Having too sophisticated gadgets sometimes make parents too dependent on them. As a matter of fact, parents sometimes forget that ultimately, the baby monitor is a tool made to help them assess their baby’s well-being, and that they should still go directly check on their little one without relying 100% on the image, sound or information provided by the monitor.

Deciding factors for baby safety monitors

Regardless of what your ultimate choice is, there are a few things to consider before purchasing baby safety monitors. Price, number of receivers, images/sounds/movement monitor, quality of the sounds and/or images and DECT technology are only of the few features you should look into before deciding before the many baby safety monitors.

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